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HRS Motorsport is a provider specialized in Human Resources for Motorsport. It is the point of contact and union of many Motorsport professionals. It includes important experiences in staff management and is able to offer personalized services. The structure avails itself of partnerships and consultancy from the best professionals in the sector. The organization operates on a national and international level. HRS Motorsport develops consultancy services in the human resources field, personnel search, technical support for motorsport teams and companies, training with the Academy Motorsport, freelance / contractor management.

Ligier Automotive is a company dedicated to the construction of racing cars. Its expertise in the areas of design, production, electronics, engines, restoration and operations means it can make special vehicles, concept cars, sports-prototypes, single-seaters, and cars for track races, ice races, off-road events and rallycross... website jobs: https://ligierautomotive.com/en/company/jobs/

En 2007, ORECA est officiellement devenu constructeur de voitures de course. Au fil des années, l’entreprise varoise a acquis tous les savoir-faire lui permettant de développer une voiture de course, partant de la feuille blanche jusqu’à l’accompagnement en piste des teams client. Conception, gestion de projet, construction, accompagnement, ORECA se positionne dans toutes les étapes de la vie de ses voitures. A chaque voiture, l’histoire se répète. Repenser, réinventer, aller toujours plus loin tout en se montrant la digne héritière de ce savoir-faire reconnu. Website offers; https://oreca.candidats.talents-in.com/